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Pilot Your Titan and Defend the Frontier in the Titanfall 2 Campaign with These Expert Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Titanfall 2 features an intense campaign that chronicles the continued struggle between the Militia and the IMC as they vie for control of the Frontier. The campaign explores the unique relationship between Pilot and Titan, as Militia rifleman Jack Cooper links with BT-7274 in an attempt to survive overwhelming odds on the IMC-occupied planet, Typhon. Completing the campaign is highly recommended before jumping into multiplayer matches—it’s perfect for adjusting to the game’s unique style of mobility and combat. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of the campaign.

Enhanced Mobility

Utilizing Jump Kits, Pilots have a distinct advantage on the battlefield, making them capable of wallrunning, wallhanging, and double jumping. Stringing together multiple wallruns is a hallmark of Pilot mobility—always scan ahead to see what vertical surfaces you can run across. Crouching is helpful for squeezing into tight spots. It also offers greater stability when firing a weapon. If you initiate a crouch while running, your Pilot will slide along the ground for a few meters. Sliding is an excellent way to maintain momentum upon landing from a jump or wallrun. You can initiate a slide even before landing: as you drop, press the crouch button/key to automatically transition into a slide upon landing. Following a slide, jump and commence a new wallrun to preserve speed. Speed is essential when evading incoming fire—the faster you move, the more difficult it is for enemies to track and hit you.

Titan Loadouts

Throughout the campaign you’ll encounter new weapon loadouts for BT-7274, Jack Cooper’s Titan. As new loadouts are acquired, access BT’s Loadout Database to switch weapons. Make a habit of switching loadouts as dictated by the ever-changing tactical situation. For example, some loadouts are better suited for close range engagements, while others are best deployed at long range. While you access this database menu, the game is paused. So don’t feel rushed. Cycle through your available loadouts and find the right set of tools for the job at hand.

Spectre/Stalker Hacking

As in Titanfall, you can use your Data Knife to hack the robotic Spectres; this only works in the single-player campaign. Once hacked, a Spectre is no longer a threat to you. Rather, the Spectre is now on your side, attacking your enemies. Hacking Spectres is a great way to turn the odds in your favor. A hacked Spectre won’t deal tons of damage, but they draw fire, greatly increasing your chances of survival.

Stalkers are another robotic enemy, new to Titanfall 2. Unlike Spectres, they can’t be hacked with your Data Knife. During The Beacon mission, you find some dormant Stalkers resting on charging nodes. Target the green-lit panel on the charging nodes using the Arc Tool to activate the Stalkers. Like hacked Spectres, these Stalkers will now fight for you. Use the distraction caused by activated Stalkers to slip away and flank your enemies.

Boss Battles

During the campaign, Jack Cooper and BT encounter a series of mercenary Pilots hired by the IMC. Here are some tips to help you survive each boss fight.


Kane pilots a Scorch Titan, specializing in short-range, fire-based attacks. Equip the Tone Loadout and keep moving while scoring hits with the Tone Loadout’s 40mm Tracker Cannon and Tracking Rockets. When Salvo Core becomes available, get ready to make an aggressive push. Salvo Core can take down Kane’s shields and a good portion of his Titan’s armor. Follow up with an aggressive attack, pounding Kane with continuous 40mm rounds and Tracking Rockets.


Ash’s Ronin Titan is fast and nimble, specializing in close-quarters combat. Consider equipping the Expedition or Brute Loadout, as both have relatively fast-firing weapons and a Vortex Shield. Mobility is key, so make liberal use of lateral dashes to dodge incoming Leadwall and electrical Arc Wave attacks. If you aren’t getting the desired results with the Expedition or Brute Loadouts, consider switching to Scorch. Focus on saturating the ground with fire, lobbing Thermite Grenades, Incendiary Traps, and initiating Firewall attacks. This makes it difficult for Ash to maneuver without taking damage.


Richter is equipped with a Tone Titan, so expect a standoff approach as he attempts to dish out damage from long range. Equip the Ronin Loadout and take the fight to him, forcing Richter to fight at close range. Richter’s 40mm Tracker Cannon and Tracking Rockets pose a constant threat during this battle. To avoid getting hit, use the various rocks for cover. If you stay motionless behind a rock, Richter may move in to investigate. When there’s no cover, use the Ronin Loadout’s Sword Block to absorb damage. The Ronin Loadout’s Sword Core ability can eliminate Richter on its own. But you need to get close before you start swinging the broadsword.


Viper pilots a heavily modified Northstar Titan capable of advanced aerial maneuvers. Consider equipping the Expedition or Ion Loadout, as you’ll definitely want a Vortex Shield and a weapon capable of sustained rapid fire. His quick movements can make him a bit difficult to track. So use the Multi-Target Missile System to score some easy hits. The Expedition’s X0-16 is also perfect for chewing through Viper’s shields and armor. Monitor the barrel of Viper’s Plasma Railgun. When it begins to glow orange, this indicates he’s about to take a shot. Take this as your cue to deploy the Vortex Shield, catching and redirecting the projectile back at Viper.


Slone pilots a modified Ion Titan. The Legion Loadout, or any loadout with a shield, is a good match for the Ion. If you don’t care for the Legion, consider equipping the Expedition, Tone, or Brute Loadouts. At the earliest opportunity, activate Legion’s Smart Core. While active, Smart Core allows the Predator Cannon to tear through Slone’s shields and armor. Beware of Slone’s Laser Core attack. Watch for the telltale targeting lasers emitted from her Titan’s core. Instead of trying to block the laser blast with a shield, dash away as quickly as possible, preferably behind cover.

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