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FIRST LOOK: Characters in the Street Fighter V Official Guide

by Prima Games Staff

In a Street Fighter V bout, the difference between victory and defeat depends on knowing your character’s moves and combos and precisely timing them against your opponent for maximum efficiency. Even if you know which strengths and weaknesses to exploit, fractions of a second can spell success or disaster for your match.

That’s why the official guide to Street Fighter V contains all the data you need to gain the edge in combat and win matches! Here’s a sneak peek inside the guide, with just a few pages of character info and data for Karin. Karin’s character section continues in even more depth within the guide, and there are character sections for every fighter in the game for you to peruse. Complete character coverage includes:

Full Frame Data for Every Character—Every attack in the game and all the data at your fingertips. Learn the range, damage, advantage, and disadvantage of all the moves in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V guide character preview 1

Reliable Combos for Every Character—Learn “go to” combos for every member of the cast to put opposing players on their heels and create a cornerstone for your offense.

Street Fighter V guide character preview 2

Comprehensive Character Strategy—Research the strengths and weaknesses of every fighter. Learn tips, tactics, and tricks from our tournament veterans that will put your opponents under pressure and lead you to victory. 

Street Fighter V guide character preview 3

Updated Character Data—Stay up to date as character data changes post-launch with the FREE Mobile-Friendly eGuide. Enjoy all the content from our printed strategy guide in a convenient, easy-to-use, web-access companion. Plus, this eGuide will be updated to include frame rate data, game changes, and the first season of DLC. (Includes new modes and additional characters for up to one year (2/16/16-2/16/17) post game release).

Whether you have a preferred character already or want to expand your combat roster, we have you covered! Order your official guide to Street Fighter V now!

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