Ubisoft has recently announced that they've added yet another fear-inducing mode to the upcoming first-person shooting adventure ZombiU with a Survival Mode that literally lives up to its name.  In this mode, similar to Diablo 3's Hardcore Mode, you'll have to complete the game with only one life.  Period.  You won't have any other lives to lean on, and there's no hope of a respawn.  Once you're done, well, you're worm food.

But not all hope is lost with this challenging new mode.  In the game, you'll be able to take part in a special hint system, ala Dark Souls, which will allow you to leave notes for fellow players.  You can find these hidden messages using your Wii U GamePad like a scanner, along with other necessary goods to survive the game…if you can.  MUHAHAHA!

We'll have a full preview of ZombiU for you shortly.  In the meantime, count the days until the virtual zombie apocalypse, which is set to hit around the Wii U's launch period.