Zenless Zone Zero Preps Second Beta Test Following Publishing Approval

Humanity's rise may come sooner than you think!

Female and Male Main Characters (Presumably) From Zenless Zone Zero
Screenshot from Official Zenless Zone Zero YouTube Put on Your Safety Helmet, We're Heading Out!

Zenless Zone Zero fans have plenty to celebrate, with the game’s release coming right around the corner and another chance to get a glimpse of the game themselves in the next beta test. 

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While HoYoverse hasn’t announced an official release date for their upcoming modern sci-fi game, Zenless Zone Zero has jumped through a significant hurdle toward becoming a finalized product. The gaming industry in China has a series of regulations that require game publishers to have their products screened before they can be released to the public. This mostly involves looking it over for graphic content, nudity, and whether topics covered in the title might be too offensive or a message the gaming industry does not want to portray.

But as of October, Zenless Zone Zero was among the 87 titles approved by the Chinese National Press and Publication Administration (NPPA). This means that eager fans can see the game coming out with more updates on its content and release date within the coming months. For reference, it took approximately five to six months between Honkai: Star Rail’s approval by NPPA before it was released. 

But that’s not all this modern-day action-adventure game has to offer since it is also rolling out its second beta test. Now that the game has completed and succeeded in its screening process, those who are lucky enough to try out the beta test will likely see a product that is the closest version of what the end result of the game will look like. Complete with characters to try out, parts of the story to explore, and not to mention the world exploration that HoYoverse has become greatly renowned for, the beta is sure to be a fun, and maybe buggy, time for those who sign up and are asked to play.

As always, there will be a limited amount of players that are allowed to test the game, progress will not be saved or transferred to the official accounts when the game is released, and it is ill-advised to share anything about the game unless it is feedback to the game developers. The beta is still a work-in-progress game, and anything posted about it is considered to be a leak, which HoYoverse is taking much more seriously.

Aside from the beta, Zenless Zone Zero is wasting no time in building up hype around the game again by rolling out web events to promote the beta test sign-up as well as some more promotional videos. Between now and the release date, we will likely see Zenless Zone Zero come out with a preregistration campaign alongside web and in-person events, as HoYoverse has done with their other games in previous years.  

Zenless Zone Zero is beginning to pick up with many events that are heading towards its fanbase, so be sure to keep an eye out on the game’s official X (formerly known as Twitter) to keep up to date with each news drop.

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