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Zenith: The Last City is a ‘RPG-inspired’ MMO Coming to PS VR

by Lucas White

During Sony’s PS VR Spotlight today, during which several new VR games have been announced, Ramen VR revealed what may be the most ambitious game of the day. It’s called Zenith: The Last City, a “JRPG-inspired” MMO that combines first-person action/adventure exploration and combat with MMO elements such as shared events and guilds.

Zenith: The Last City is a ‘RPG-inspired’ MMO Coming to PS VR

Much like other recent adventure games, Zenith is iterating on popular mechanics most may trace to Breath of the Wild. Yes, we’re referring to stamina-based climbing and gliding. Combat, however, seems much more distinct, showing VR-heavy combat sections in which the player has to aim, dodge, use different items and more.

And that frantic, skill-based combat is unusual for a MMO game, but a robust class system will be powering the more familiar, character-building territory. Zenith’s big thing is that classes aren’t tied to roles, so players can really mess around with combinations there.

This information is all, of course, coming straight from the developer’s representation on the PlayStation Blog. Whether or not any of this stuff works will remain to be seen, and for now Zenith doesn’t have a release date (or one wasn’t mentioned in the article). But you can check out some gifs and screenshots over there.

What do you think of Zenith? Is it the big, beefy MMO game PS VR needed all this time? Let us know over at the Prima Games Twitter and Facebook channels.


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