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Zelda won’t hit shelves until at least April

by Prima Games Staff

There was an announcement today from Nintendo America, who have said The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess now won’t be out until April next year.

We were told by Nintendo’s corporate affairs man, Perrin Kaplan, that the game now won’t be out till “after the conclusion of this fiscal year,” which of course is in April 2006.

When Nintendo was quizzed on whether the game was to come out on their forthcoming console: Revolution (which is planned to be released in the second half of next year), Kaplan explained: “In effect, because of the backward compatibility built into Revolution, every GameCube game also will be a Revolution title. But we feel a commitment to the GameCube owners who’ve been patiently awaiting this new Zelda title, and don’t want to force them to wait and buy a brand new system in order to play the game.”

“Those who love Zelda will be thrilled when it arrives, and we believe will still want to purchase it even though the wait might have been a disappointment.”

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