We're all guilty of watching YouTube in some form or another, whether it's taking in a new movie trailer or just seeing what trends are making the rounds.  (The office is currently addicted to "Harlem Shake" videos.  Yep.)  But now, European PS3 users can view whatever they want on their system.

The YouTube application, which initially launched in the U.S. back in August, has finally made its way to the European service, allowing users to look up and play videos with ease, using a handy search bar that looks up related terms.  It's available for download in the XMB, under TV & Video Services, and is free of charge.

In addition, you can pair up your PlayStation 3 system to a mobile device, looking up videos on that and having them play on your television.  Pretty nifty feature if you feel like returning to the "Gangnam Style" phase.  (Which this office is also guilty of.)