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You Can Pre-Order Your Very Own Xbox Series X Mini Fridge For $100

by Morgan Shaver

In an Xbox Wire post, it was revealed that those interested in having their very own Xbox Series X mini fridge will have the opportunity to pre-order one starting October 19. The mini fridge will be available for purchase at $100 (USD), and while this seems a little pricey, it’s still a cool holiday gift idea for the Xbox fans in your life. 

You Can Pre-Order Your Very Own Xbox Series X Mini Fridge For $100

It all started with a meme of the Series X as a fridge, which then progressed to Xbox making a real Series X Fridge that served as a 1:1 scale replica, standing at 6 feet in height and weighing in at 400 pounds.

While an Xbox fridge isn’t an accessory most people would order for themselves, the mini fridge version looks very tempting indeed. On Xbox Wire, it was revealed that those interested in getting their hands on their very own Xbox Series X mini fridge will be able to do so soon.

How soon? Pre-orders begin October 19! The purchase price for the Series X mini fridge sits at $100 (USD), and the Xbox Wire post notes they’ll begin to be shipped out in December. 

As such, you could say the Series X mini fridge makes for a fun holiday gift idea. We certainly wouldn’t say no if someone bought one for us, that’s for sure. Speaking on the creation of the mini fridge and October 19 pre-orders, the Xbox Wire post notes:

“The mini fridge, created in partnership with Ukonic!, gives “Xbox and Chill” a whole new meaning. With LEDs and surface-features made to resemble the Xbox Series X, your friends will be amazed while their thirst is quenched!

The sleek matte-black tower holds up to 10 cans of your favorite beverage and has two shelves in the door, so you’ll be sure to have your favorite snacks at the ready. The front of the mini fridge also includes a USB port to charge devices and comes with a DC power adapter to enable the mini fridge to work on the go.

Here just in time for the holidays, the Xbox “Mini Fridge” will go on pre-sale on October 19 and will arrive in multiple retailers globally in December 2021.

In the first wave of production, the Xbox “Mini Fridge” will be available at Target and on for $99.99, our exclusive retailer in the US. Fans in Canada will also be able to purchase online via

Additionally, for fans in Europe, the Xbox “Mini Fridge” will be available from GAME in the UK (£89.99); and fans in France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, and Poland can grab their own at Game Stop EU (€99.00), Micromania (€99.00) or Toynk (via Amazon).”

The post then goes on to explain they’re working to bring the Xbox Mini Fridge to as many people as possible, and will work to expand regional availability in 2022. So if you aren’t able to get an Xbox Mini Fridge right now, it sounds like there may be additional opportunities to purchase one in the future. 

After taking a look at the Xbox Mini Fridge and learning about the pre-order info, we’re curious to hear your thoughts. Are you planning to pre-order an Xbox Mini Fridge, either for yourself or someone else? Is the price of the Xbox Mini Fridge too high?

Let us know in the comments below, or on our social media channels including Facebook and Twitter!

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