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Yoshi’s New Island Arriving On 3DS This March

by Prima Games Staff

Ever since its official announcement last year, Yoshi’s New Island for the Nintendo 3Ds has truly intrigued us. Why not? After all, the original game, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, is considered one of the best platforming games out of the SNES era, even if we’re controlling Yoshi instead of Mario.

Today, Nintendo has finally provided a release date for the upcoming sequel, and it’s coming a lot sooner than you think. Yoshi’s New Island will arrive on March 14th for the 3DS, in both physical retail form and a digital download through the eShop. The game is expected to be priced at $39.99.

The development team’s lead is Takashi Tezuka, the same creative director who helped put together the original Yoshi’s Island in 1995. Most of the gameplay mechanics, involving throwing eggs and jumping on enemies, are expected to be the same, but a new watercolor art style should make everything look fresh.

We’ll have coverage on Yoshi’s New Island in the weeks ahead leading up to its release.

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