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Yoshi DLC Added To Sonic: Lost World On Wii U

by Prima Games Staff

We’ve seen our fair share of cross-overs between Nintendo and Sega since the companies buried the 16-bit hatchet years ago with the start of its Olympic Games crossovers. Now, there’s an interesting new wrinkle available for Sega’s latest platforming game, Sonic Lost World, on the Wii U.

As part of today’s Nintendo Direct presentation, it was revealed that a new Yoshi-related downloadable level for the game is now available in the Wii U eShop. In this new stage, Sonic finds himself in familiar territory as he has to contend with familiar enemies in the Yoshi’s Island zone.

The level is available free of charge, and Iwata stated that another level would be added as well, but stopped short of explaining what content it would include. Ah, well, at least we have this one – and it’s free!

Sonic Lost World is available for the Wii U, as well as the 3DS. The content, though, is exclusive for Wii U at this time. 

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