The PS Vita is a great system when it comes to fighting games, with titles like Mortal Kombat and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Now players can get ready for something more original.

Nicalis announced that it will bring the Indiegogo-funded fighting game, Yatagarasu, to the PS Vita sometime next year, under the new name Legend of Raven. The game is a labor-of-love project from various members of SNK and King of Fighters development teams, and recently met with huge success through its crowd-funding program, where it cleaned up with over $118,000.

The game was originally intended for the 3DS, but shifted to Vita "due to the incredibly overwhelming response from the fighting game community," said Victor Rodriguez, CEO and executive producer of the game.

Expect plenty of 2D fighting goodness from the game, including parallax scrolling effects, a great soundtrack and local wireless play.

We'll have more details – and strategies – in the months ahead.