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Xbox Series X Storage Upgrade Costs $220

by Jesse Vitelli

Today retailers started selling the official Seagate expansion card for the Xbox Series X. The first thing many people will notice is the high price tag. $220 might seem high at first, especially when considering that for only $80 more, you can get an Xbox Series S.

The expansion card plugs directly into the back of the Series X and will give players another one terabyte of storage. It’s a steep price point for sure, but unfortunately, NVMe drives, especially custom ones, cost a pretty penny.

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The bright side is, this storage expansion will run all of your Series X games at the same speed as the internal storage. Being a first adopter of new technology is an expensive hobby. You can always buy an external hard drive for cheaper. This will not allow you to play Xbox Series X games, but it can be used for older generation games via backward compatibility.

With the ever-expanding size of games, one terabyte is no longer enough, so it’s tough to ask players to shell out another $220 on top of an already expensive system. As always, it’s a good habit to hold off on purchasing the upgrade until we know just how many games can fit on the internal storage.

This whole situation is very reminiscent of the Xbox 360 days, where you had to buy a proprietary hard drive. It’s bizarre coming off of the Xbox One, which allowed you to use your own storage devices or even put in a new SSD for your internal storage.

It seems that the custom hardware is just too new and expensive for Microsoft and Seagate to cut down the price anymore. In due time these drives will get cheaper, but that could be a year from now, or even longer.

For instance, Call of Duty Modern Warfare is over 100 gigabytes on this generation. We can only imagine how much space new games will take up.

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