It's official, E3 2020 is cancelled due to rising coronavirus concerns and now the industry is revamping their reveal plans for the year. Among the first to react the news in terms of major showcase is the Xbox camp. Xboss Phil Spencer took to Twitter to reveal his regret over the cancellation news while also offering insight into what Microsoft's plans are for what they initially had planned. 

Spencer mentioned that more details on when the digital community event will take place will be dropping soon, but they are one of many companies having to do a hard pivot for announcement plans. While E3 has been on a decline the last several years with many notable names such as Sony and EA pulling their presence, the total cancellation of the event is unprecedented. What this means for the future of the showcase is a hot topic right now in the industry but it's important to respect that this move, while health-conscious, does negatively impact a lot of business and a lot of jobs. 

You can read more about the cancellation with a direct quote from the ESA right here.