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Project Scorpio Xbox One X Pre-Order Date and Details

by Bryan Dawson

Today at the Microsoft Gamescom press conference in Germany, Xbox One X pre-order details were finally revealed along with the announcement of the Project Scorpio edition of the Xbox One X. Fans of the powerful console were given price, spec details and 4K game information at E3 2017, but it was not revealed when pre-orders would be starting. Now at Gamescom we finally have Xbox One X pre-order information to share with all of you. The Project Scorpio Xbox One X is available to pre-order right now, August 20, 2017.

Project Scorpio Pre-Order Details

Xbox One X Project Scorpio

The Project Scorpio Xbox One X can be pre-ordered right now. Project Scorpio is identical to the normal Xbox One X with slight changes to the look of the console. It includes a gradient design on the console and the Project Scorpio codename in green text.

All versions of the Xbox One X console (not including bundles) are priced at $500 USD and will offer up to 4K visual enhancements to existing and new Xbox One titles. However, this isn’t the successor to the Xbox One and Xbox One S, the Xbox One X is still part of the Xbox One family and plays all the same games as the Xbox One and Xbox One S.

Consider the Xbox One X to be a more powerful version of the Xbox One S. If you don’t own an Xbox One yet, this is a great time to jump in and have access to the full catalog of Xbox One games. However, if you already own one of the Xbox One consoles, you can still pick up the Xbox One X if you want to play Xbox One games in the highest possible resolution. Most Xbox One games will be playable in 4K resolution when playing on Xbox One X.

If you don’t have a 4K TV or monitor, you will still see better looking and better playing games when using the Xbox One X. Graphics will look considerably sharper, even when playing in 1080p on Xbox One X. Any way you look at it, in most cases games will look better on Xbox One X than any other console.

We’ll have more on the Xbox One X in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned to Prima Games!

Bryan Dawson

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