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Xbox One, PC Won’t Receive Exclusive Marvel’s Avengers Characters

by Prima Games Staff

A great disturbance was felt in the gaming community recently after Crystal Dynamics revealed the Spider-Man exclusivity to PlayStation 4 for the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game. While this hasn’t exactly been the best news for fans, we now know that there will be no exclusive characters coming to other platforms. At least, there aren’t any plans at this time.

Speaking with Screen Rant, Crystal Dynamics studio head Scot Amos and designer Lauryn Ash confirmed that the exclusivity stops with Spider-Man, and there are no current plans to bring any exclusive characters to Marvel’s Avengers on PC or Xbox One. This is probably the best decision when you take into account the turbulence that was caused by making even one character exclusive. If the developers were to start announcing other heroes that would only be playable on certain platforms, it could possibly end poorly for a game that so many are looking forward to playing.

After the uproar following the rather disappointing Spidey news, fans were quick to call out Crystal Dynamics, even threatening to boycott the game and studio, but the Marvel’s Avengers developers pretty much shrugged the whole thing off. Seeing as the exclusivity of the web-slinging hero could have adverse effects on the title, it may be something the devs will want to pay attention to and certainly take into consideration with any future decisions. 

For those who have yet to hear about the recent Marvel’s Avengers news, Crystal Dynamics and Sony announced that Spider-Man is officially going to be part of the game, but only for those who play on PlayStation. As one might imagine, this didn’t go over well with those who intend to enjoy the experience on PC or Xbox One. While the character is definitely a fan-favorite, his exclusivity isn’t the worst possible thing. After all, there will be even more characters that are added to the game post-launch, and none of them will be exclusive to specific platforms. In the case of Spider-Man, however, it is going to require a substantial amount of web to scale that paywall. 

Marvel’s Avengers is set to officially launch on September 4th for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. If you’re looking for other Avengers goodness, you can check out how raids work in the upcoming title, or head over to our official game hub for even more on what’s happening with the Crystal Dynamics title.

What do you think about all of the exclusivity business going on with Marvel’s Avengers? Do you believe it will strictly be for Spider-Man and PlayStation, or do you think we’ll see other exclusive characters at some point in the future? Let us know what’s on your mind about the upcoming title over on Twitter @PrimaGames!

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