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Xbox Has A Few More Surprise Game Reveals For 2019

by Liana Ruppert

Just because the year is almost over doesn’t mean the Xbox team doesn’t have a few surprises up their sleeves. While it’s probably not the new Fable game we’re anxiously waiting for an official reveal for, we are excited to see what else Xbox has in store for Team Green fans with all of their latest studio acquisitions firmly in place.

Xbox Games Studios head Matt Booty recently sat down with Windows Central to tease a few surprises in store for the end of 2019. 

“We’re coming up on stretch here where we got Scarlett coming up, or xCloud picking up momentum. We’ve got Game Pass continuing to pick up. So I think it’s just, right now, the right time to make sure that we put a lot of our energy on delivering the games on production, making sure that all the studios are now often working on the next thing,” Booty told the site when looking ahead towards the future. 

He added, ““I think all of the studios have got things teed up. We have got multiple unannounced projects that we haven’t even talked about yet going on, particularly with our publishing team. We’ve got Halo that is deep in production to launch a new Halo with Scarlett’s launch. We’ve got all of our studios working on what their next thing is. I think you’re going to see more news before the end of the year with some stuff we haven’t talked about.”

With the Game Awards just around the corner, a reveal then is the most plausible since it’s the last big event before we ring in the new year. 


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