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Rumor: Xbox Games Pass May Come to Nintendo Switch

by Prima Games Staff

A rumor, first reported by Direct Feed Games (an outlet that often focuses on Nintendo rumors), indicates that Microsoft may be looking to partner with Nintendo by bringing the Xbox Games Pass service and exclusive games to the Switch console. If true, it would be an unprecedented cross-platform move by the console makers since Xbox One games would be playable on the Switch. The information was corroborated by inside sources at Game Informer, which suggested that an announcement may be coming later this year.

Additionally, the rumor includes Microsoft porting some its high-profile games to the Switch. Fan and critic favorite Ori and the Blind Forest was named specifically as a major Microsoft title that will be coming to the Switch.

Meanwhile, the Xbox Games Pass will bring more graphically intense games to the Switch. The subscription service could leverage its Project xCloud game streaming technology to make these games playable. Bringing Xbox Games Pass to Switch would be in line with Microsoft’s strategy for expanding the service, as it is currently updating it for Windows PC users.

At the same time, Nintendo has been experimenting with game streaming in Japan. High-end games such as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Resident Evil 7 have Switch ports that are streamed from a local server.

Given how the service includes newly released games such as Crackdown 3, there’s great potential to reach gamers who want to play Xbox One games but don’t own the console. While that might be good news for Xbox Games Pass, it could turn into a double-edged sword for the Xbox One console.

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