Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Project xCloud Are Merging

If you were interested in the xCloud gaming program but didn't want to pay for an additional service, there is some good news!

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a phenomenal service for Xbox gamers but it looks like it’s about to get even better thanks to Microsoft’s xCloud initiative. Project xCloud looks to bring the power of gaming virtually anywhere and now it’s been confirmed to be an additional reason to join in on the Ultimate Xbox Game Pass fun later on this year. 

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Team Green boss Phil Spencer took to the Xbox Wire blog to reveal the good news and what this means for players. The purpose behind this merge is to make the gaming experience “more inclusive, more immersive, more connected, and more social” than ever before. 

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate package combines the Xbox Game Pass, which offers free day-one first-party exclusives at no additional cost, plus a ton of other freebies, and the Xbox Live Gold membership into one neat package. It’s a great deal for gamers that like playing online and getting titles for gree and now combined with Project xCloud it’s even better. 

When Project xCloud was first announced, gamers were instantly intrigued by the ability to play high-intensity games like Gears 5 on the go with stunning performance rates and visuals. The streaming integration also included in this service will also be native to the cloud-based service, which makes this initiative a pretty important deal for the folks over at Microsoft and the gamers that love Team Xbox. 

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Microsoft has a big games-focused showcase planned for the end of the month on July 23rd, we’ll likely to learn even more about this merge then and what exactly this means for players. The next generation of gaming looks impressive thus far and we can’t wait to see what both Microsoft and Sony have in store. 

What do you think about the merge of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Project xCloud? You can learn more about what exactly this means for you right here over on Xbox Wire. Be sure to also check out our Xbox Series X hub here for more of the latest news about the generation ahead. 

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