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Xbox Cloud Gaming Coming to Consoles

by Lucas White

Xbox Cloud Gaming, a game-streaming service included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate,  has brought select Xbox games to PCs and mobile devices without needing an actual Xbox. But the goal with this feature isn’t just mobile Xbox games; it’s also about expanding players’ overall reach.

To that end, Xbox announced today that Cloud Gaming is coming to consoles.

Xbox Cloud Gaming Coming to Consoles

Yes, whenever this feature launches during “this holiday,” season, players will be able to stream Xbox games to their Xbox consoles. This sounds silly, but it allows players to do things like play Series X/S titles on Xbox One, or for current Series X/S owners, save on storage space.

If you have the bandwidth for it, Xbox Cloud Gaming on consoles means more options for playing. If you aren’t already familiar, Xbox Cloud Gaming is a subset of Game Pass, meaning not every game on Game Pass is available to stream. It’s similar to PC Game Pass, which doesn’t always line up with the console library.

So if you’re curious about what is and isn’t available for streaming, you can check out the library and look for the little cloud icon designating the option.

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