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Xbox Announced Big Project xCloud Update

by Ginny Woo

The Project xCloud team took the stage at X019 to announce a big project update to Microsoft’s cloud-based gaming option. We’re talking over 50 new games being added to this in the update, including accessibility options. There’s a whole lot to look forward to, so here’s what we learned about the big Project xCloud update that’s going to be rolling out.

Xbox Announced Big Project xCloud Update

The real draw is that there’s going to be well over 50 games made available to fans on Project xCloud. We’re not talking titles that people haven’t heard of, either. The preview on the stage showed off titles like Gears 5, Devil May Cry 5, Sea of Thieves, and more. The Project xCloud team was adamant that the community had wanted the cloud-based service to have a bigger scope beyond just phones, so it now looks like the service will roll out to Windows 10 as a platform sometime next year. 

Project xCloud is going to also roll out to a variety of different countries in 2020 after it arrives on computers, including the likes of Canada and Japan for fans who are in those locations. Project xCloud will also have streaming integration that’s native to the cloud-based service, and it looks a lot more fully-featured compared to the initial announcements that Microsoft made about this. Those who were worried about whether or not it would be worth trying out should have their doubts well-assuaged by the sheer variety of titles that will be made available, along with upcoming plans for support. 

Xbox’s Project xCloud announcement clearly spells out a big year for the service, and we’re very excited to see it take the world by storm. Microsoft has indicated that they’re going to be continually seeking consumer feedback, so you’ll definitely have to get your say if you’re passionate about it. With Stadia also making moves, we’ll be keeping an eye out on how the cloud-service battle starts to shake out. Check out our other coverage of X019 here:

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