After reports, including our own, that Microsoft may have been phasing out Microsoft Points, we’ve since learned that this isn’t strictly true, Microsoft is actually just planning to bring real money dealings to Windows 8 machines.

Microsoft is planning to keep Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360, and will not be allowing users to view or buy products in real money figures, the same model currently being used.

The major change to Microsoft’s approach is that customers will be able to use Windows 8 machines to purchase games using real money figures. 8ers will still be able to use Points if they so desire.

"Microsoft Points continue to be the currency for purchasing content for the Xbox 360 console," a Microsoft spokesperson said, speaking to The Verge.

If you’re after buying an Xbox Video or some Xbox Music with real money, then you’ll need to sit down with a Windows 8 computer rather than go through the dashboard on the Xbox 360.