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Xboss Phil Spencer Says Xbox One Single-Player Experiences Are a Focus Moving Forward

by Liana Ruppert

Phil Spencer has been making a ton of headway when it comes to putting the Xbox One back into gamer hands and that includes more single-player experiences. 

Spencer took to Twitter recently to address a fan question about whether or not we’ll be seeing more single-player experiences on the Xbox One following previous strides made in that direction. “Yes, I can confirm,” he answered a fellow Twitter user. “With the additions to XGS we have a lot of teams that have built strong SP focuses games and we want that to continue.”

Microsoft has been on a roll lately with studio acquisitions, some of those studios have more than proven that they know how to weave a solid tale. Between the push for more single-player games, a push for JRPGs, and the barrier between PC and Xbox crumbling to dust, to say that Spencer and the current team is doing good things for the Xbox brand would be a massive understatement. 

Though Xbox has always been geared more towards shooters, it has had some amazing exclusives over the years. Before Spencer, however, previous leadership seemed to have veered away from gaming as the primary focus, something that the present Xboss has been working tirelessly to correct. 

It’s good to see that the Xbox brand is back in good hands. As much as I love my Xbox, the console name has been tarnished through the years under previous leadership. It’s shifted away from gaming and more into an entertainment console – which is not what Xbox was all about. Xbox used to have amazing exclusives (remember when Mass Effect was originally an Xbox only game?) with an exciting library for fans to enjoy. Through the years that’s tapered off a bit, but Phil Spencer has been nothing but transparent with fans since his takeover and we are finally beginning to see the fruits of his labor.

Are you excited to see what Xbox has next with the upcoming generation? 

Liana Ruppert

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