It's funny how you hear one thing go down in the game industry, and then something else happens that leaves you scratching your head.

Case in point – last week, the US court ordered Silicon Knights to destroy physical copies of their games Too Human and X-Men Destiny, following a legal decision that favored Epic Games over the use of their Unreal Engine technology.  And yet, five days after the announcement of said decision, X-Men Destiny has popped up on the Xbox Live Games On Demand channel, available for purchase for $39.99.

Silicon Knights does have until December 21st to comply with the court decision, so something tells us that they're merely trying to eke as much cash out of the title as they can before they scuttle it for good.  Still, it's not really that amazing, and $40 is a far cry from the $20 or so price you can get it for at GameStop.  (By the way, at the moment, physical copies are still available for purchase.)