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WWE Superstar Sasha Banks Reportedly Cast In The Mandalorian Season 2

by Liana Ruppert

If the latest The Mandalorian season 2 rumor is to be believed, WWE’s Sasha Banks will make an appearance. There’s no doubt about it that the first season blew fans away and many are anxiously awaiting what’s next for the Galaxy’s Best Dad-ish. With a few memorable characters, and some lost, we’ve got another clue as for what season 2 will offer including the WWE superstar herself. 

The latest casting rumor comes from Mat Men Pro Wrestling that Banks has reportedly wrapped up filming her part for season 2, though details about her character and actual confirmation of her involvement has yet to be revealed. As some fans mentioned, one thing that gives some credibility to this is that Banks has been pulled from the WWE TV roster for a few weeks in a row, which would provide her ample time to film whatever scenes are needed for her for this Star Wars adventure. 

That being said, it’s also possible that some wires were crossed and she won’t be in The Mandalorian itself, instead taking a role in one of the few spinoffs that Disney has teased. Walt Disney’s Robert Iger has mentioned a few times now that there are more plans on the horizon beyond The Mandalorian itself, so perhaps her role will tie into those projects, assuming the leak is correct. 

It will be interesting to see what other characters are introduced in The Mandalorian season 2. The first season did a phenomenal job at being simple, yet engaging while still remaining true to how the Star Wars universe feels. With a growing cast of strong characters, we’re looking forward to seeing these Sasha Banks rumors see fruition and what sort of new life her reported involvement will breathe into the unofficial Baby Yoda Cuddle Time Show

Need catching up on all things The Mandalorian? Season 1 is streaming right now exclusively on Disney Plus.