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WWE 2K22 Reveal Planned for Summerslam

by Lucas White

After (technically) taking a year off, WWE 2K is coming back this year. WWE 2K22, the follow-up to an infamously unstable WWE 2K20, is on the way. Today, 2K announced that more of the game will be revealed on Saturday, August 21, sometime during WWE’s Summerslam event. Also, a couple of new screenshots were released.

WWE 2K22 Reveal Planned for Summerslam

Previously, we haven’t seen much of what WWE 2K22 looks like. The initial announcement trailer introducing the “It hits different” tagline showed off some early in-game footage of Rey Mysterio.

With today’s announcement we got a look at Edge, a veteran wrestler who returned to WWE recently after an injury-induced retirement that lasted for a decade.

Perhaps we’ll be seeing this new model in motion this weekend. Either way, it looks like there’s a lot of detail on Edge here, showing off what looks like improvements to things like hair and material textures.

You can also check out the WWE 2K Twitter account to see some brief videos showcasing WWE 2K22’s development, such as what 2K claims is new software for scanning the various wrestlers and other personalities into the game’s visual tools.

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