WWE 2K14 Wrestler Guide: The Rock

No Jabronies allowed – the Rock means business.

One of the biggest superstars with the WWE in the 90’s, The Rock has since established himself as a powerhouse in Hollywood, appearing in such movies as The Scorpion King and the latest Fast & Furious films. He still made enough time for a prompt return to wrestling, though, with a return to the ring for two consecutive Wrestlemania main events, as well as a brief championship run.

In WWE 2K14, he’s easily one of the best wrestlers around, combining both speed and strength into a very durable force. He continues to have the same style that he first grew up with, including a number of attitude-laden moves (his “spit and punch” attack is a sign of his showmanship) and two effective finishers.

How do I perform The Rock’s “spit and punch”?

Launch into a quick punch combo attack by pressing the X or square button, depending on your version. After four successful punches, he’ll land this stylish fifth one for good measure.

How do I perform The Rock’s signature taunts?

Use the D-pad to show off the Rock’s many taunts, which mostly play to the crowd. Sadly, he doesn’t really get to speak on the mic and call anyone a Jabronie.

How do I performThe Rock Bottom?

The Rock Bottom is Rock’s key finisher, where he grabs an opponent in a clothesline-like grab and slams them to the ground. Get close to your worn-out opponent and, when the signature prompt appears, use it to pull this off.

How do I perform The Rock’s People’s Elbow?

This is Rock’s main finisher. Grab an opponent in the middle of the ring after the “Finisher” prompt comes up, and he’ll slam them to the ground. He’ll then rip off his elbow pad, bounce along the ropes and deliver the final People’s Elbow move. This should take an opponent out quickly, especially if they’re low on health. NOTE: all you need to do is hit the Y or triangle button to execute People’s Elbow. Most of the moves will be done automatically.

What else can I do with the Rock?

The Rock does decent high-flying stuff, but he’s better based in the ring with his punches and slams. He’s also very good with running attacks, both grab and attack-based, so make sure you mix those in as well. Also, check out some of his counters. Once executed properly, they really give him the opportunity to get back into the match. 

NOTE: A “retro” version of the Rock, from his prime days in the WWE, is also avaialble to choose from, but he plays mostly the same. He does have a little more speed, though, if that’s what you prefer. Maybe try out older Rock versus “retro” Rock and see how they fare.

WWE 2K14 is available now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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