Walt Disney Pictures paid loving tribute to the video game community last year with Wreck-It Ralph, a delightful CG animated tale revolving around a villain from the Fix It Felix Jr. video game who wants to do something different for himself.  The movie's a blast for casual audiences and gamers alike, and today, Disney announced the opportunity to own it for yourself.

Wreck-It Ralph will release on both 2D and 3D Blu-Ray (as well as DVD) on March 5th.  The 3D edition is the way to go, as you not only get the film the way it was meant to be seen, but also a digital copy.

Other extras include a Disney Intermission: The Guide To Wreck-It Ralph, where host Chris Hardwick breaks down the video game references and other bonus features in the film; Bit by Bit, a making of as to how the game world was put together; deleted and alternate scenes; video game commercials for Fix It Felix Jr. and other games in the film; and the animated short Paperman.

Oh yeah, we've already got our pre-orders in for the movie.  Because we're gonna wreck it!