World of Warcraft Shadowlands is happening and the reveal trailer will give you chills! The shadowlands are infinite, boasts the official gameplay trailer, in addition to a downright haunting cinematic. I'm not sure if it's just my own love for Sylvanas despite her traitorous history, but every time I see her in a cinematic my jaw drops to the floor and seeing her take power to set "all free" just made me downright fall down in excitement. 

This marks the eighth expansion for World of Warcraft since launch, with the previous entry - Battle for Azeroth - adding a ton of new features, faction wars, and so much more. With Sylvanas cracking open the heavens itself to create a portal to said Shadowlands following her interaction with Bolvar Fordragon. 

The Shadowlands reveal isn't terribly surprising, but no less exciting. This next step in the lore makes sense and has been hinted at for quite some time now. 

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