In an attempt to make sure the World of Warcraft movie, Warcraft, leaves development hell following the loss of Sam Raimi as director, Legendary Entertainment has assigned respectable scribe Charles Leavitt as screenwriter, so says a report from Variety.

Evil Dead and Spider-Man director Sam Raimi left the WOW movie project in order to focus on upcoming movie Oz: The Great and Powerful. This course of events struck fear into the hearts and minds of those with any faith the film might be (shock, horror) a decent video game conversion.

The hiring of Charles Leavitt could be exactly what Warcraft needs to bring some weight and enthusiasm to a film that’s struggled to get off the ground since its announcement way back in 2006.

Production company Legendary Entertainment has recently employed Leavitt as director in upcoming movie The Seventh Son, his previous work also includes writing K-PAX’s screenplay and Blood Diamond’s screenplay and story.

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has described the film as "important to Blizzard, it's important to me." He went on to say: "They're very excited about having a World of Warcraft film. They've been very careful and thoughtful about the development process."