World of Warcraft: The War Within cinematic.
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World of Warcraft Releases Official The War Within Trailer as Beta Launches This Week

Darkness is coming.

World of Warcraft’s The War Within expansion is on the way and players already have their first look at what to expect with the developers releasing an official trailer ahead of its beta launch this week. The War Within marks the start of a new trilogy for the franchise, giving players a lot to look forward to.

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Blizzard Entertainment released the official trailer for The War Within expansion a few days ago, showcasing the latest adventure players will embark on. The War Within’s beta test officially launches on June 5, 2024 as well. In this expansion, players will journey through the depths of Azeroth and uncover secrets about the void no one else has. It’s a step toward the final battle against the darkness and inches closer to the conclusion of World of Warcraft’s initial great journey.

The actual trailer itself highlights the franchise’s next great villain, Xal’atath, watching over the great heroes and cities of Azeroth. Xal’atath is a sentient void entity who was initially bound to a legendary dagger but freed later on in a mix of events, and now she seems to be the mastermind behind World of Warcraft’s next major battle against the darkness. Feel free to watch the official trailer below.

Players can already sign up for the beta right now, which will launch on June 5, 2024. Check out our guide on how to register yourself as a beta tester for The War Within expansion.

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