The Wonderful 101 – Wonderful Combat

Get inspired and learn about the possibilities your Wonderful Ones possess!

Some of these special tactics require the use of Unite Morphs, Custom Blocks, or skills you might not acquire until later in the game. Some of these tactics are basic commonsense tips to get the most out of your various abilities. This information is meant to inspire as much as it is to inform you about the possibilities your Wonderful Ones possess.

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A basic but versatile boost to your capabilities is to purchase the Attack Liner skill and the Energy Converter Custom Block. Hitting enemies with your Wonder-Liner will help recharge your Unite Gauge, and when it is filled, you’ll regain some health.



You can do this the moment you get Wonderful Rising for your base Unite Morph attacks. Generally, juggle combos work best with large enemies, like the Diedough-Goo or Hah-Gonay, as they are such large targets it’s hard to miss them.

It’s possible to keep an enemy in the air almost indefinitely with the proper use of Multi Unite Morphs and properly staggered use of Wonderful Rising. First, launch a stunned enemy into the air, follow them up, and throw in some extra hits to keep them airborne. While you do that, send out a Multi Unite Morph, preferably Unite Sword, but Unite Claw and Unite Hand can also work. Your teammates will maintain the juggle but will eventually drop the combo. However, if you let the leader under your control fall back down to the ground, you can leap back into the fray with another Wonderful Rising just as the enemy falls toward you, “catching” them and keeping them stuck in midair, completely at your mercy.

As you get farther into the game, you can expand on this technique as your arsenal improves. For example, if you stand under an enemy you’ve launched, you can toss a Unite Bomb straight up into them. This slows down their rate of ascent or descent, allowing you to land more attacks while the effect lasts. Juggles are your bread and butter when it comes to scoring enough Combo points for a Platinum rating, so be sure to exploit this.



Hero Time and Hero Sense are two of the best Custom Blocks to have equipped. They can slow time if you Unite Spring away from an attack at the last moment or if you are in danger of taking damage. These effects stack.

Certain enemies, like the Gehdown and the Gedie Dough-Goo, have spike armor that damages you on contact. The game registers this as an attack. So, simply approaching the spike armor can trigger Hero Sense. If you Unite Spring away from the spike-armored enemy at that point, you’ll also trigger Hero Time. With the game world slowed down so much, you should have little trouble ripping off their armor with Unite Whip.

In general, any attack you can see coming is ripe for this tactic. Beam attacks are a good example. Since they are a constant threat of projecting damage, merely being close to the laser will trigger Hero Sense, and you can constantly Unite Spring away from the beam, then run back and repeat the process to keep up Hero Time.



This tactic works best against isolated targets, though it is possible to catch multiple enemies in a small Unite Bomb blast to slow them down. With the Dodge Mine Custom Block, you can set a mine with every use of Unite Spring. With the enemies slowed down by the small Unite Bombs, you can lay down a considerable number of mines using the Wonder-Liner (enhanced by Attack Liner and supported by the Energy Converter Custom Block) to spear the enemies and refill your Unite Gauge to help maintain the Unite Bomb–Unite Spring spam. This is an excellent way to deal with the frustratingly quick Doora series of GEATHJERKs.



When clearing out a large number of smaller enemies, use Unite Sword early on; make it as large as possible and then swing away. However, this is less viable when armored opponents step into the fray, for when the sword strikes the armor, the Unite Morph will be shattered, scattering your team across the battlefield. You can avoid this by using Unite Hammer. The Unite Charge Custom Block will let you quickly charge up a Unite Hammer to the maximum possible strength. You can then use Wonderful Rising to get a good height over the battlefield, and perform a single downward strike from on high. The ensuing shock wave on impact will damage, if not destroy, smaller foes while also damaging armored ones.



While Unite Claw doesn’t build up your combo multiplier particularly fast, its ability to freeze a target in place is extremely valuable. You can freeze launched enemies in midair, either by leading with Unite Claw yourself or by summoning members of your team to do it. Unite Claw makes an excellent supporting Unite Morph in general for any combos.

In addition to this, there are multiple enemies that require you to use Unite Claw to pry open their defenses to get at their weak points: the Hah-Gonay, the Deah-Kani, and the Die-Rixen. While you are busy prying open these specific enemies, you are effectively invincible! This is especially useful in battles against multiple Hah-Gonay.



Unite Whip can pick up and slam or throw stunned enemies, most prominently the Orgon, Dahkarts, Hoedown, Raydown, and Gehdown. This attack is heavily damaging, but it immediately ends the stun, so if the enemy is not destroyed, they can still fight back and potentially cause damage. Rather than going for the whip slam, launch the enemy with Wonderful Rising and work on an air combo instead. You can ultimately cause more damage in the end.

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