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The Wonderful 101 – How to Find Items and Collectibles

by Prima Games Staff

Most collectibles and items are in plain sight; you can simply run up to them or use a combination of your abilities to get around obstacles standing in your way. Others still can be found by destroying anything in the area that can be destroyed, be they inanimate objects or GEATHJERK scum. However, there are some items and collectibles hidden away that require special attention.


The Wonder-Liner allows you to set up your various Unite Morph attacks. However, it can be used in a variety of ways to locate hidden items. For example, you can:



Wrap the Wonder-Liner around a dead flower bed to rejuvenate it, which will grant you an item or collectible.


Send the Wonder-Liner into an open window, manhole cover, hole in the ground, or otherwise unreachable small passage to find an item or collectible.


Send the Wonder-Liner into a Wonderful Toilet. These toilets are found in every locale you’ll visit, from cities to ancient temples. They are actually secret supply stations for Wonderful Ones to use. You do need to have a certain number of heroes to be stuffed inside before you get access to whatever hidden items they have available.


Wrap a Wonder-Liner around a Wonderful One to recruit them.


Draw the Wonder-Liner in a circle around certain objects or formations on the ground to uncover a hidden item.


Lastly, certain hidden items and collectibles may require you to draw the Wonder-Liner in a specific shape that matches what you see on the ground.

In all of these cases, save for recruiting Wonderful Ones or rejuvenating flower beds, once you’ve found a hidden item with the Wonder-Liner, a glowing Wonderful logo will appear in place of the hidden item. This indicates that you’ve found it and can keep moving during later playthroughs of a level.



A number of items hidden throughout the game require the use of Unite Hammer. Unfortunately, you don’t get access to Unite Hammer until you run into Wonder-Yellow during Operation 003, which means you’ll have to backtrack through the Prologue and the first two Operations in order to locate everything. Keep in mind, you earn a series of achievements for locating all of the hammer spots hidden in every Operation. As with locating hidden items with the Wonder-Liner, hammer spots you find will be indicated by a Wonderful logo, visible in future playthroughs. Even if you have already recovered an important collectible from a hammer spot, later run-throughs will replace those collectibles with food items that can help you out.




The CENTINELS have sent supply boxes to every corner of the globe. Valuable items are inside them, to be recovered by Wonderful Ones in the field. As a security precaution, these supply boxes are sealed with complex lock mechanisms; you can only open them by using the Unite Morph indicated by the color of the supply box. The following list explains what you need to use for each color:

Red: Unite Hand

Blue: Unite Sword

Green: Unite Gun

Pink: Unite Whip

Yellow: Unite Hammer

White: Unite Claw

Purple and Black: Unite Bomb

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