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The Witcher 3 Reportedly Coming to Nintendo Switch

by Liana Ruppert

The Nintendo Switch has so many amazing ports out there, which makes it a fertile ground for rumors to grow concerning the popular hybrid console. With amazing successes such as Skyrim, Wolfenstein II, and Warframe, the list of ports that fans want to see make it to the Big N’s newest console continues to grow. The latest rumor regarding the system has to do with a potential The Witcher port, and it actually capitalises on a rumor that first came about a few months ago.

The original rumor came about after a French retailer accidentally posted up a The Witcher 3 Nintendo Switch listing. Though it was removed promptly, that didn’t stop speculation from going wild. Now it looks like that listing might have a little more validity than we originally though, because a Chinese social media site – known as Weibo – just posted a statement from an alleged distributor that the Witcher port would be making its way to the system this September. 

Thanks to a translation made by one Resetera user, the original post reads “Breaking! Wicher 3 GOTY edition is coming to the Switch in September. Chinese localization exclusive to Asia version.”

The post has since been cross-checked numerous times by the Resetera team, seemingly verifying the posting’s authenticity. Several product listings for this port have come about over the past year, including box art for the alleged Chinese GOTY edition. 

Though this rumor is exciting, it’s important to take it with a grain of salt. For starters, this would be a huge out of left field move for CD Projekt RED. Though there are companies out there, such as Panic Button, that are doing amazing things when it comes to bringing ports over to the Switch, the size and graphics of The Witcher 3, including the expansions, would be unreal and be incredibly challenging for the team to tackle onto a system with limited space and downgrade capabilities (huge Switch fan, this is not a knock at the hybrid console). 

Could this mean a possible Witcher 3 port is on the horizon? Nintendo has definitely proven that anything is possible and they’ve definitely shocked fans in the past. That being said, it’s a massive undertaking and one we’re not quite sure is worth the pay off so until we ourselves get verification from our own sources, we’re placing this firmly in the rumor pile.

Liana Ruppert

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