The Witcher 3 Monster Contract – Muire D’Yaeblen

Kill the Drowners, brew the potion and defeat Abaya the Water Hag.

Geralt of Rivia has the skills to beat all of the monsters in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, from Drowners and Fiends to Griffins and Sirens. This Monster Contract pits our hero against a tough Water Hag, but no worries. We have tips for putting her six feet under.

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Contract: Muire D’Yaeblen

Geralt is able to take up this quest in Ard Skellig, on the Kaer Trolde Notice Board.

Bjorg the ship builder has a job perfect for a Witcher of your talents. Apparently the muire d’yaeblen (basically Drowners) have become a pain in the butt for people attempting to leave the harbor. Time to fix that.

Begin by meeting Bjorn at the shipyard. He tells Geralt these Drowners are especially fierce, with reports from Bjorn’s apprentice, Rurik, and Tove, a woman whose husband lost his life to these creatures. Agree to take care of the problem, negotiate a reward and be on your way.

Remain in the shipyard and speak to Rurik. According to him, a Drowner capsized his boat and killed his buddy, over by Kjerag Cliffs. Now hang around the docks and you’ll meet Tove, the Skellige widow. Her husband went in search of his son and never came home. Then his body was found.

Bring up the World Map and look for two areas near the coast, both of which are part of the Kjerag Cliffs. We suggest traveling to the nearest location, west of Kaer Trolde. The best way to get there is the path taking you up the hill. If you go by boat, dock at the harbor but prepare for a fight, or a quick escape. Now pick up the smell of Drowners and follow it.

Now go south down the coast. Walk if you wish, but the best way to get there is by boat. When you arrive, follow the smell underwater until you reach a cave. Activate Geralt’s Witcher Senses and take after the footprints. You’ll eventually surface inside of a tunnel.

Geralt picks up the delightful scent of rotting flesh. Proceed further into the tunnel and you’ll reach a junction. You can go left or right.

  • Go into the right tunnel and you’ll find a pelvis (only a pelvis) with claw marks.
  • In addition, you’ll discover some bodies. Since the right tunnel will take you outside, head back and go down the left tunnel.
  • In the left tunnel you’ll encounter six Drowned Dead. Avoid the poison cloud and rely on Igni Sign magic and bombs to ignite said cloud and kill these enemies.
  • While in the left tunnel, you’ll see a side tunnel containing more dead.

Walk into a chamber filled with broken ships and bodies. One of the deceased has a broken throat. Considering the wounds don’t reflect Drowner behavior, it appears the culprit is a Water Hag.

Here’s the deal: the Hag won’t appear until you mask Geralt’s scent. Thankfully, the game automatically gives you the Drowner pheromone formula. Now access the Alchemy menu and brew the potion using the following ingredients. If you need help, search for the sewant mushrooms and puffball in the cave. You can purchase dwarven spirit in Kaer Morhen at The New Port Inn, and Drowner Brain comes from, well, dead Drowners.

  • One Puffball
  • One Dwarven Spirit
  • One Drowner Brain
  • One Sewant Mushroom

Equip the potion and return to the chamber with the busted ships. It seems your alchemy worked! Now prepare to fight Abaya the Water Hag. Definitely bring Igni Sign magic, Quen Sign magic, Necrophage Oil and Northern Wind Bombs into this battle.

Kill Abaya and slice off her head (Water Hag Trophy), then pick up the Water Hag Mutagen. Now go to the tunnel fork, take a left and return to the ocean. Reach the shore and then sail to Kaer Trolde Harbor. Collect the reward from Bjorg to end this contract.

Sure, you decapitated Abaya, but you still have to finish all of the Monster Contracts, including Missing Son and The White Lady. When you finish slaying these creatures, become a master Gwent player, track down the most powerful Gwent cards and grab the best weapons with Prima’s free The Witcher 3 walkthrough.

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