As we near the release of CD Projekt RED's Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, our guide author J. Philip Serrett takes a look at the game's top five love scenes. With in-game romances being all the rage these days, we figured why not see what Geralt is up to this time around?

1. Saskia

While not a love scene, per se, the humor involved and absolute reversal of the character’s identity makes it worth mentioning. 

2. Mottle

A simple elf girl, with a wicked naughty streak. She’s upfront about what she wants, and takes control of the situation right from the start. 

3. Succubus

Slightly more involved than most love scenes in the game, but what do you expect? The succubus sleeps with men to feed, she has to be an expert by now. Also, she is the only one good enough to get you literally “drunk” off sex afterwards. 

4. Triss

The main love interest of the game, all others are simply one-time flings. What starts off with the most amazing way a woman could ever get undressed, ends with one of the game’s funnier moments. 

5. Ves

This hard-as-nails, military woman gives you a good run for your money. Easily the longest, raciest, most in-depth scene in the entire game, you are even awarded an achievement if you manage to woo this one. 

*NOTE: Sorry Australian gamers, the Mottle and Succubus love scenes are unavailable in your version. 

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