CD Projekt has unveiled the first piece of art fot the new title, and it's looking pretty cyberpunk-esque. What have they got in mind? See below for a peek.


CD Project, the people behind The Witcher, are to announce a new RPG in a press conference tomorrow.

Rumors had previously been circulating pointing to the developer announcing a port of The Witcher 1 for consoles after some online shops had listed the item on Xbox 360 and PS3, these have since been quashed in a statement from the company.

CDP, when speaking to Eurogamer, said they are announcing “our second triple-A RPG in development” in tomorrow’s press conference. You can catch the press conference as a live stream at facebook.com/thewitcher at 9:00am PDT tomorrow.

We only have a couple of clues so far as to what the RPG might entail: a gun on the careers page of CDP’s website and the studio’s word that it’s in a “brand new setting”, apparently a departure from the fantasy universe we’ve seen in The Witcher. Make of those what you will.

Michal Platkow-Gilewski, CD Projekt’s head of marketing, offered up this statement:

"We are gearing up for our upcoming conference and we have encountered some speculations concerning what we will be announcing.

"We would like to share some light about what will happen tomorrow. In regard to the Witcher, we are planning some surprises for the second half of the year and for the next year, but during the conference we will sum-up The Witcher and Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition also, we will give a bunch of new information. To make it really clear - we will not be announcing Witcher 1 for consoles.

"The major announcement on the conference tomorrow is related to the gun icon on cdpred.com career page. We will give you the first bit of information about our second AAA RPG in development. We have some really exciting news to share, so make sure join us at 5PM GMT on our live-stream: facebook.com/thewitcher."

New CD Projekt cyberpunk concept art