If there’s something audiences can’t get enough of, it’s people trying to get through an obstacle course and failing miserably.  That would explain the ongoing success of ABC’s hit show Wipeout, as well as Activision’s growing line-up of games based on the show.

We’ve gotten two across multiple platforms, and today, Activision announced that it is bringing an all-new “nerve wracking, splashtastic fun” chapter to the series.  Wipeout 3, a collaboration with ABC Entertainment Group, will bring an all new series of challenges to overcome, as well as more characters and plenty of epic fails that lie ahead.

“Much of Wipeout’s success has stemmed from the fact that people of all ages enjoy the show,” said Wipeout’s creator and executive producer, Matt Kunitz.  “We want to capture that essence with Wipeout 3 so that kids, parents and even grandparents can plunge into this easy-to-learn, zany game.”

The game will feature split-screen multiplayer, along with team modes that will support up to four people.  There will also be 12 new winter and summer course themes, with dozens of new obstacles to overcome.

If you like the show and don’t feel like going on it to bail in ridiculous ways, Wipeout 3 will be for you.