With the Star Trek game loosely based on the movie franchise of the same name set to drop in a few weeks, Namco Bandai is definitely picking up on hyping it as much as possible…but who would've thought that the company would turn to the man that started the legacy of Captain Kirk in the first place?

In a humorous new ad for the game, William Shatner, who played Kirk in the iconic TV series, returns to face off against his adversary, a guy dressed up in a 60's Gorn costume, for some rather cheesy combat.  It's hilarious, mainly because both guys become winded before they can even land a damaging blow.

You can watch the trailer here, and get ready for the game when it arrives for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on April 23rd.  We just wish Shatner was somewhere in the game.  JUDO CHOP!