A couple of weeks ago, Quantic Dream and its prez, David Cage, really shook up the game industry by announcing its trailblazing new project, the awesome Beyond: Two Souls.  Not only does the game introduce a spooky new storyline from the creators of Heavy Rain, but it also features heavy involvement from Academy Award nominee Ellen Page, who plays the main character, Jodie.

Now, if our preview wasn’t enough to get you excited over this project, how about this?  Rumor has it, according to Gamesindustry.biz, that long-time veteran actor Willem Dafoe, who’s appeared in a number of movies, including the original Spider-Man (Green Goblin, anyone?), will be appearing in the game in some form, possibly as the main antagonist who’s attempting to capture Jodie.

Neither Cage nor anyone at Quantic Dream have confirmed the actor’s involvement, but it wouldn’t be a surprise, considering how high-profile the project is.  And let’s be honest, he’s been doing some stellar work over the years, and Beyond: Two Souls would be right up his alley.  Do yourself a favor and go see a movie called Shadow of the Vampire.  Truly some of his best work.

We’ll let you know once something official is confirmed.