Need For Speed: Most Wanted is looking like one of the fall’s most enticing rides, with its online integration and its insane event set-up.  We can’t wait to start wrecking sweet looking rides and making our way to the finish line.  But will Xbox 360 owners get more than they bargained for?

According to the recent video from Electronic Arts, an Insider Gameplay special that showcases more footage from the upcoming release, the pack shot for the Xbox 360 indicates that the game will be “Better With Kinect”.  Could EA somehow be integrating motion-sensitive gameplay into Most Wanted, or is it just going to be something cosmetic along the same lines as what Forza Motorsport 4 offered?

At the moment, EA and its developer, Criterion Studios, isn’t talking, but considering that EA has been making more of a push with the Kinect as of late, it really wouldn’t surprise us if they choose to take this route.  When we learn more, we’ll let you know.

Meanwhile, you can watch the Insider video here. Get ready for Most Wanted when it pulls into your garage this October!