Following up on a news story we reported yesterday, Nintendo of Canada has confirmed that the Wii is, in fact, getting another redesign, its second in about a year's time.

The Wii Mini will officially hit Best Buy stores – as well as its Canadian website – on December 7th.  It'll sell for $99.99 and include a sleek red and black top-loading system, a sensor bar, and a red Nunchuk and Wii remote.

The system had to cut some features out to make it such a sleek size, including GameCube backwards compatibility (nothing new – last year's model doesn't have it either) and the inability to connect to the Internet.  So if you want to buy Wii eShop games, you'll need to stick with the Family Edition.

Sadly, the Wii Mini is only being offered in Canada at this time, as Nintendo of America has yet to make any sort of announcement regarding a release on these shores.  They probably don't want to get too distracted from the recent release of the Wii U, but, hey, the Wii's still a hot seller, so who knows?

To learn more and try to get a pre-order in (good luck, it didn't work for us), head over to