Wondering why #IStandWithSerebii is trending from Pokemon Sword and Shield? Here's the tea...

There's been a lot of drama in the Pokemon community lately - crazy, we know - over the exclusion of the National Dex but many have taken their displeasure to ridulous heights and now other members of the community are standing up. Silly President Trump petition aside, a Serebii fansite webmaster has been receiving abuse and death threats over recent leaks. To counter that negativity, gamers are spreading love through the hashtag to show solidarity against the temper tantrums. 

There's having an opinion, then there are death threats. The latter? Never ok. So what is the positive side of Twitter saying regarding a person that worked to try to halt false info from spreading? Here are a few examples: 

There are so many more positive messages, which is really heartening to see. Too often we are reporting on the abusive side of the gaming community, so bear with us as we cling to this small slice of positivity and general wholesomeness.

For those that didn't want to sift through the tweets, Serebii is a site reporting on all of the Pokemon news and have been since the 90s. With such a strong community at Joe Merrick's back, it was strange to see the sudden vitriol going his way. While the conversation about what we are disappointed in with games shouldn't be frowned upon, there's a way to offer feedback that isn't abusive and for those that don't know the difference, it's time to step back from social media and get your life together. 

We'll be able to see all of the Pokemon and their trainers when Pokemon Sword and Shield releases exclusively on Nintendo Switch on November 15th.