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Where the Heck Is Dead Island 2?

by Liana Ruppert

Up until now, news about the anticipated Dead Island sequel has been grim. Cancellation talk has been rampant for quite some time now with no real verification from the studios involved to dispell or confirm the bad news. While it still all feels very up in the air, THQ Nordic CEO Lars Wingefors has confirmed that the game is at least still on the table. 

According to a recent presentation by the CEO, seen here, the game is still in development and is slated for a this-gen release. Since there is talk that Xbox is revealing their next generation system at this year’s E3, with both Xbox and PlayStation leaving this generation behind next year, that would make one assume that the release would still be set for 2019. Though Wingefors didn’t specifically offer any sort of release window, he did at least mention that more official news is on the way and that fans eager for the zombie sequel should “stay tuned.”

After Dead Island 2 was announced in 2014, the sequel fell victim to a wide variety of road bumps that affected work on the title. After a split with its previous developer and Deep Silver, production was moved to Sumo Digital in 2016. With few updates here and there, news – as mentioned before – has been scarce, though it looks like they could be gearing up for something at this year’s E3.

Thoughts on the long road for the Dead Island sequel thus far? Sound off with your thoughts by hitting us up over on Twitter @PrimaGames! And if you haven’t checked out the first game yet, here’s what you need to know:

“Welcome to the zombie apocalypse experience of a lifetime — and now more beautiful than ever. Caught in the midst of an epic zombie outbreak on the tropical island of Banoi, your only thought is: Survive!

Smash heads, crack skulls and slice ’em up with visceral astounding melee combat and true story-based 4 player co-op in a sprawling open world just waiting for exploration.”

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