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Where and When to Watch the March 8 Nintendo Direct

by Josh Hawkins

Following their last Nintendo Direct back in January, Nintendo is ready once more to show off the titles that they have in the works for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS. The good news is fans won’t have to wait long, just a matter of a few hours at this point, and here’s what you need to know about when and where to watch the Nintendo Direct.

When to Watch the Nintendo Direct

The latest Nintendo Direct will kick off at 2PM PT this afternoon. That’s 5PM EST, or 10PM GMT. Based on what we know about previous directs, the show will probably only last around half an hour and will be a pre-recorded video that showcases the upcoming titles that Nintendo has in the works for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS. That being said, users have a few different ways that they can tune into the action to see what’s new. Here’s the last Direct Mini, in case you missed it.

Where to Watch the Nintendo Direct

Users can tune into the Nintendo Direct two different ways. The first way is to head over to the Nintendo website  and watch the Nintendo Direct straight from the website. If you’re not really into watching things on websites, or if you just prefer the look and feel of YouTube, then you can also head over to the Nintendo YouTube channel to find the latest Direct available there as well.

What to Expect

We’re not really sure what exactly to expect out of this Nintendo Direct when it comes to specific titles names, as Nintendo has been pretty hush hush about it since it’s announcement. What fans can expect, though, is more of the usual Nintendo wit and style that has been seen in previous Directs, as well as information about any upcoming games that Nintendo wants to talk about. These Directs act as a way for Nintendo to keep their fans in the loop about things they are working on, so it will be interesting to see what we learn out of the latest Direct when it goes live this afternoon.


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