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When Will Best Buy Get Meta Knight?

by Prima Games Staff

Nintendo made amiibo collecting tougher by partnering with four retailers for store exclusives that broke down as follows: Rosalina at Target, Lucario at Toys R Us, Shulk at GameStop and Meta Knight at Best Buy.

With Rosalina, people lined up hours before Targets opened for a chance to buy the figures. Lucario was mostly pre-orders but some TRU stores had extra. GameStop, on the other hand, appeared to be less eventful because stores received pre-ordered Shulks for the most part. 

That leaves Meta Knight, and there are two rumors making their way around the Internet. The first says Best Buy took more Meta Knight pre-orders than it can fill, which may leave an untold number of shoppers disappointed. The second involves the release date. While Best Buy has made no official announcement, February 20 appears to be the tentative date. 

Whether or not this holds true remains to be seen. We also don’t know if stores will receive Meta Knights to sell or have pre-orders only. Your best bet is to follow the r/amiibo subreddit for info on when Meta Knight will arrive, and then visit the nearest Best Buy on that day. 

As always, good luck!

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