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When will amiibo Wave 3b Come Out in the U.S.?

by Prima Games Staff

Unlike in most countries, Nintendo (intentionally or otherwise) scattered the release of different amiibo in the United States.  This immediately put the diehard community on constant watch, with the r/amiibo subreddit providing the latest news on availability at each of the major retailers. 

Up next, amiibo wave 3b, which includes Ike and King Dedede nationwide. Stores may receive these characters on or around February 13, which if true, may create a sort of Nintendo buying frenzy. Keep in mind it’s the same day the New 3DS XL, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D come out. 

Of course, this date is strictly rumored and doesn’t tell the whole story. Both Sonic and Mega Man are technically part of wave 3b, but may not show up in stores until February 20. Then we have store exclusive amiibo Shulk (GameStop) and Meta Knight (Best Buy), release dates unknown; both Shulk and Sonic were spotted at Nintendo World in NYC a short while ago. 

At least on the positive side, you can walk into a GameStop right now and pre-order the Super Mario Bros. amiibo lineup, which includes Mario (as part of a bundle with the game), Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi and one of the most sought after amiibo, Toad. We strongly suggest pre-ordering Toad ASAP.

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