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When is the Release Date for Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE?

Enter into the world of detectives once again!

by Jordan Lemons

From the creators of Danganronpa comes the newly developed game under Spike Chunsoft, Master Detective Archives: CODE RAIN. It has been around six years since the last game of misfit teens getting caught up in a deadly game of escape room. Now the game devs behind the popular puzzle-solving game have released the date with full details behind their newest grace to junior detectives and it looks to be just as thrilling and full of more hijinks.

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When is Master Detective Archives: CODE RAIN releasing?

Just last year upon the release of their official game trailer, Spike Chunsoft revealed that the game will be released on June 30th of this year. With no delays in sight, we can look forward to the summer to dive into yet another world of high stakes and crafty detectives. The game so far promises all kinds of new puzzles and mysteries with the same type of mechanics that we have grown to know and love from the original Danganronpa games.

If you are new to the Danganronpa series, think Ace Attorney but surrounded by dramatic goth kids who are trying to solve murders. Professor Layton without the charming backstory— Danganronpa has truly spelled out its own type of style when it cut its way with beloved and hated Monokuma and we can only expect the same antics from the new game series. In their previous collection, Danganronpa was all about a group of teens who specialized in their field being brought together in one test space to run a series of experiments. Who gets away scot-free with murder? If they did, the murderer would be allowed to leave, but if the remaining teens managed to catch them and make them confess, then they would win. If either party failed, losers would be faced with death. What can we hope to expect from the mysteries that will come out of CODE RAIN? We can wait and see its release date. See you then!

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