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When Does Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Come Out For Switch?

by Christopher Buffa

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus received impressive reviews last fall for PC, Xbox One and PS4, and the intense first-person shooter made headlines yet again at PAX East 2018 a few short weeks ago, when the public got their hands on the Nintendo Switch version. Now we know when the portable edition of Bethesda’s violent video game will appear on Nintendo’s hybrid console.

You will be able to experience BJ Blazkowicz’s latest adventure on Friday, June 29. The game will cost $59.99 and include motion controls with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. This lets you detach the Joy-Con controllers from the Switch, rest the system on a hard surface and experience the game perhaps from a more comfortable position if it suits you.

We caught a glimpse of Wolfenstein 2 running on the Switch at PAX and think the port looks outstanding, and perhaps even a touch better than DOOM, which is also great on the Switch. Granted, both games came out on other systems a while back, but the option to play them wherever you want, especially if this is your first time experiencing either one, is a big selling point.

Wolfenstein 2 stars series hero BJ Blazkowicz, who teams up with freedom fighters to battle Nazis across the United States. The action starts on an enemy boat, and then quickly shifts to the U.S. Of note, BJ’s trek through a stereotypical American town under Nazi rule (and a nail-biting diner scene) are particularly memorable.

When June 29 arrives, and if you need help beating the game, check out our Wolfenstein 2 guide. In addition to must see tips, we will tell you where to find Max’s Toys and the Record Collectibles, and how to play the Enigma Machine Mini-game.

Now all we need is the official release date for the Nintendo Switch version of Dark Souls, and we’ll be set!