ARMS Global Testpunch – When is the ARMS Demo?

Find out when you can play ARMS before it releases on the Nintendo Switch.

During the recent Nintendo Direct, the ARMS Global Testpunch was announced. The ARMS Global Test Punch is essentially an ARMS demo, or what some people will likely call an ARMS beta test. This article covers when the ARMS Global Test Punch so you know what time the ARMS beta starts, when the ARMS beta ends, and how long each session lasts. You won’t have long to play the game when the ARMS demo starts, so be sure to have it downloaded and ready to go so you get as much play time as possible before the ARMS demo ends. Make your calendars and set an alarm so you know what time the ARMS demo starts and what time the ARMS demo ends. We’ve also got a countdown timer to the first demo session so you know exactly when it starts, no matter what time zone you’re in.

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ARMS Demo Availability

Each session of the ARMS Global Testpunch will last for approximately one hour. Luckily, you can download the demo now from the Nintendo eShop on the Switch. That way you have it ready to go when the demo begins and won’t waste any time.

Date Start Time End Time
May 26 5 PM PT 6 PM PT
May 27 5 AM PT 6 AM PT
  11 AM PT 12 PM PT
  5 PM PT 6 PM PT
May 28 5 AM PT 6 AM PT
  11 AM PT 12 PM PT
June 2 5 PM PT 6 PM PT
June 3 5 AM PT 6 AM PT
  11 AM PT 12 PM PT
  5 PM PT 6 PM PT
June 4 5 AM PT 6 AM PT
  11 AM PT 12 PM PT

We’ll have plenty of ARMS strategy articles coming your way once the game is available. For now you can check out our pre-release article for some basic information to get a jump on the competition!

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