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What’s New in God of War Update 1.13?

by Josh Hawkins

God of War just received its latest patch, bringing the game to version 1.13. But, what exactly does Update 1.13 do and what has changed? Unfortunately, there isn’t much to go over here, as no official patch notes were released, but here’s what we do know.

God of War update 1.13

Unlike most game updates, Santa Monica Studios hasn’t released a full list of all the changes made in God of War update 1.13, which means there isn’t any real way to know what fixes have come for the game. The good news, though, is that a patch means the developers are constantly working on improving the game for all parties involved, and Santa Monica Studios even announced close to release that they have a bigger patch planned to bring a robust photo mode to the game.

As stated above, there aren’t any official patch notes, and booting up your PlayStation 4 and logging into the game won’t give you any kind of information either. We do know that the patch includes bug fixes and minor improvements, so it’s easy to assume that the changes made must have been very small. Still, though, fans love to devour a good set of patch notes, and we’re sure that Santa Monica Studios will release a more robust set of patch notes when they are needed.

Frequent updates are always a good thing for new games, and Santa Monica Studios have crafted an exceptionally great game with God of War. It will be interesting to see what changes come in the future, for now, though, the latest update only contains minor updates, so you shouldn’t notice any big changes when you hop into the game today.

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